Yuko is the visionary partner of the salon and a very successful Hollywood stylist and Union 706 member for over 10 years. She has been nominated for three Emmys. She is also the founder of KC Beauty Academy which is committed to providing students with the support and motivation needed to prepare aspiring artists to become licensed professionals.

What makes KC Salon Professional a truly unique salon is its location in the Arts District and its commitment to fostering a diverse environment with freedom of self-expression. We are a one stop beauty destination with hair, skin care, nail and eyelash extension services. The products are the best quality imported directly from Japan.


Our KC Salon Professional team is motivated to do a perfect job each time. We are constantly striving to improve our techniques each day. Ultimately, we hope our dedication is self-evident to our clients.

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701 East 3rd st. #120

Los Angeles CA 90013