shampoo | blow-dry | cut                                                                     $60

shampoo | cut | styling                                                                       $40

ages 0- 12                                                                                       $20

bangs retouched                                                                               $10

shampoo | conditioner | blowout                                                          $40

updo or styled                                                                                  $40



permanent and highly-effective chemical straightening technique internally alters protein-bonds of your hair's natural shape for silky flowing straightened locks. Chemical solution formulated on site calibrated to individual’s hair’s texture, after consultation and test. Japanese Straightened hair will air-dry straight.


semi-permanent low-maintenance straightening technique rejuvenates aged or chemically treated hair and eliminates frizz. keratin is your hair's natural occurring chemical and our treatment fills in the pores of your strands, heat-straightened to hold for up to six months. 


permanent waves through chemical + heat processing formulated to individual's hair internally alters protein-bonds of your hair's natural shape for natural wavy locks full of volume and finesse.


long $150

vibrant glamourous, edgy and custom colouring

short $80


tips & accents


olaplex treatment


full removal & re-colouring restoration of existing or unsatisfactory colouring

3.5hour+        $200+

4hour+        $200+

3.5hour+        $180+

3hour+        $130+

45minutes+        $40+

3hour+        $130+

1.5hour+        $80+

1.5hour+        $60+

1.5hour+        $200+

Facial service 

Hydra Facial    $150 

60 mins
Removes dead skin cells via suction, and at the skin with hydrating and moisturizing serums. 
Chemical Peeling  $150
60 mins
The Chemical peel is the process of applying a chemical solution to the skin to smooth out its texture. It can be used to treat many skin issues like acne, hyper-pigmentation.


Get ready for summer! back facial treatment gives your back smoothing, cleansing, healing from sunburn, including massage.

men needs facial too! this service has face and bread cleaning, taking off dead skin, face massage, mask, healing your skin. we also serve with beard treatment. 

Eyelash Extension Service 

Classic Set (First time $65)

Classic Eyelash extension, natural looking and you can choose eyelash styles. 

Volume set 

Volume set service is more fuller, gorgeous looking than classic set. you can also choose styles. 

2 weeks refill 

 3 weeks refill